ResMed S9 VPAP™ Auto

ResMed S9 VPAP™ Auto
Brand: ResMed
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Released in April 2011. The smallest, quietest, and the most comfortable CPAP machine ever in history.

The S9 VPAP™ Auto is a high performance auto-adjusting bilevel device for the therapy of noncompliant OSA patients. It is noise free, user friendly, and provides optimum comfort in a VPAP device. This model is a base unit but can be attached to optional accessories such as the H5i Heated Humidifier and ClimateLine Heated Hose. Should you need higher bilevel pressures, you can purchase the optional ClimateLine MAX heated tubing (not included), for maximum performance.

Despite being a stand alone device it still features most of ResMed's proprietary technology, such as Enhanced AutoSet™ algorithm, for an exceptionally comfortable and natural breathing experience in any auto VPAP device. It is ergonomically constructed with a built in better than industry standard silent, Easy-Breathe motor, guaranteeing you and your bed partner an uninterrupted nights sleep. The easy to read color LCD display and menu settings are highly intuitive and user-friendly, even for those who are hesitant to use technological devices. Should you purchase the optional humidifier, you can expect it to seamlessly integrate with the device for superior convenience and versatility.

Easy-Breathe Motor for Noise Free Therapy

ResMed's proprietary Easy-Breathe Motor enhances patient compliance to therapy by, virtually guaranteeing you noise free performance, for an uninterrupted and hassle free nights sleep for you and your partner.

Superior Data Management

Enhanced data management solutions is highly user-friendly for both user and healthcare provider. It is capable of storing 30 sessions of detailed data, seven sessions of high-resolution data, as well as 365 compliance sessions and summarized data. Tracking and sharing of compliance and summary data with the S9™ wireless module gives maximum convenience. This provides remote daily monitoring using the SD card on the VPAP auto. The S9 wireless technology, gives your healthcare provider the capability to view usage during the critical first weeks of therapy, ensuring that problems with compliance easily are detected and resolved.

Effective Therapy with ResMed's Proven Technology

Conventional settings usually are enough to meet patient needs. But there will always be exceptions to the rule. This is where the S9 VPAP device comes in by offering maximum control of the device in order to meet the custom requirements of even the most unique and difficult bilevel patients.

The auto mode in VPAP Auto works synergistically with the Easy-Breathe pressure delivery to synchronize with the patient's breathing in order to provide a natural and comfortable breathing experience.

The Vsync™ technology also allows excellent synchronicity between the patient and ventilator by adjusting and compensating for leaks. The proprietary TiControl™, further assists in accommodating individual respiratory conditions.

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