Digital BP

Digital BP
Digital BP Digital BP Digital BP
Brand: YUYUE
Product Code: YE660B
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Yuyue YE660B Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


Digital liquid crystal,date and time 、 alarm bell display

Automatic memory storage, it can store 74 units of measuring figures max

Pressing the storage key, it will show the average value of three lately testing.

Manage by mmHg/kPa displaying.

Turned off automatically two minutes late.

Display mode: LCD digital displaying

Press: 0~280mmHg(0~37.3kPa)
Pulse: 40~200/min

Press: ±4mmHg(±0.5kPa)
Pulse :within the readings ±5%

Automatic press-adding and decompressing

For arm of 22cm~32cm

Electric source: 4 batteries of size 5, DC 6v/600mA

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